GPUPerfTests GPUPerfTests

GPUPerfTests is a GPU performance testing suite consisting of various microbenchmarks to test compute throughput, cache/memory characteristics and more.

It has both a GUI and a command-line interface. The GUI is written using OpenGL while the microbenchmarks use Vulkan. The whole tool is written in C.

The tool is currently closed-source, if you would like to get involved, feel free to contact me over email or social media!


Chip Annotations Chip Annotations

A Collection of microprocessor annotations, primarily CPUs and GPUs from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.

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Other Projects

These are small projects that don't see much activity (or are entirely unmaintained), projects I created purely to learn something and also various tools I wrote and no longer need.
These are not all of my random projects, you can explore more on my GitLab instance.

Resource Monitor 2.0 Resource Monitor 2.0

A Simple resource monitoring program for Windows and Linux that shows everything in one "simple to see at a glance" view.

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Monitor Brightness Monitor Brightness

A Tool for changing the brightness of a monitor on a desktop Windows PC, including support for multi-monitor setups.

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Display Switcher 2 Display Switcher 2

A Tool for automating/scripting the process of turning monitors on/off and changing resolutions.
I use this to one-click switch off my desktop triple monitor setup and switch on the TV and vice versa.

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r/place Visualizer r/place Visualizer

A GPU accelerated history and heatmap visualization tool for the reddit r/place april fools event.
Supports exporting videos and image sequences. Supports both the 2017 and the 2022 datasets.

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Modular Kernel Modular Kernel

A Very rudimentary UEFI modular kernel learning project. Some day I hope to work on this a little more.

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SysBench SysBench

A Basic stand-alone bootable 3D software rasterizer, the intention was to create some OS-agnostic CPU benchmark suite, but that was a stupid idea.
This project is properly dead but the code could be interesting if you're into OSDev nonetheless.

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GitLab Projects GitLab Projects

There are many more projects I've done over the years, all the ones I thought would have even a tiny bit of value can be found on my personal GitLab instance.

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