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Mandelbrot Benchmark

A Mandelbrot render benchmarking tool written in Java using LWJGL, using OpenCL.
FP32 and FP64 benchmark for CPUs, GPUs and OpenCL Accelerator Cards.

Download (SHA256): e802acfe2562ac5ec92b1ca75cdc1562c8290f8f0364aef2d397daac85a4c957

Source   (SHA256): 67a2433be36ac7482eb7c094f43300cd942513c7b5a73246654f80ba7d99346c

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Mandelbrot Set Renderer

A Mandelbrot set renderer written in Java using LWJGL, utilising 64 or 32 bit floating point on both CPUs and GPUs.
Configurable with launch parameters.

Download (SHA256): abd2c3408d70de970fd9c002552d71d11de3d678e7783fd6b741b7f96ef3cc82

Source   (SHA256): f2ca4039eb47d3cec17a2eab269ff91b9d46c93bfe642581b131721ff49e49ab