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GPUPerfTests is a GPU performance testing suite to evaluate compute, graphics, cache and memory performance and other aspects of a GPU.

It offers a GUI and also a command-line interface for use on headless servers and in automated test suites.
For command-line use, make sure to pass the --cli parameter. To get the basic help to show up, use --cli --help.

The tool is written in C, the test suite itself uses Vulkan while the GUI uses OpenGL. Both Windows and Linux are currently supported, though Linux support is highly experimental and nothing is guaranteed beyond "it probably runs".


VersionRelease dateDownloadSHA256 sum
1.0.0Dec. 17, 2022Windows (2.56 MiB)520cbdcdb450c78a674070e89c2c8b2f297fea2c70d5d18c459b3758bb485195
Linux (3 MiB)f40058831c3a143de8457c9760b8c1f5a4eefd3c7d330ea334cc4906ad86e73d